5 Element Yoga Nidra Programme



5-Element Yoga Nidra Series with Elena.


This 5-week course brings to you the benefits of AYURVEDA and YOGA NIDRA, wrapped into 5 weeks of elemental practices. This series will help you balance your nervous system, offering specific practices for specific imbalances, for example stress, overwhelm, sluggishness, anxiety and more.


In addition to guided 25-30 minute yoga nidra meditations, you’ll get access to asana classes that are dedicated to the same element and that will boost the benefit you’re getting from your meditation.


The first week features EARTH element

This is a practice that will help you let go of anxiety and overwhelm. You will slow down, calm your thinking mind and ease into a grounded mental space.

The second week features WATER element

Water element practice will help you let go of edginess, anger, excessive thinking and worries. The practice will make you feel nourished and at peace, and assist you in processing and releasing stress, restoring inner peace and a state of relaxation. 

The third week features FIRE element

Fire element practice will help you let go of sluggishness and foggy mental state, improving your focus and igniting your vitality and drive. You will feel centred, vibrant and clear. 

The fourth week features AIR element

Air element practice will help you reconnect with your intuition and compassion as you become more aligned with how you express your emotions, and how you process them. This practice cultivates a sense of lightness and inspires creativity.

The fifth week features SPACE element.

Space element yoga nidra will help you reconnect with your higher self and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom you have within. It will leave you feeling more harmonious and balanced, peaceful and aligned.

Are you ready to dive in and emerge as the most balanced, radiant and rested version of yourself after 5 weeks of Elemental regeneration?


Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive access to the 5-week training within 24 hours.