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Teach Yoga Nidra

In this transformational training you’ll acquire the knowledge, confidence and skill to share yoga nidra with your students and your community.

You’ll learn about yoga nidra both from the yogic perspective and scientific studies.

You’ll understand the mechanism of yoga nidra in the brain and learn to develop and deliver brilliant and effective yoga nidra practices. 

Tension Free

This online programme will teach you how to become your own best massage therapist!
You’ll learn about fascia – what it is, how it moves and recovers, and why you get tight in your body in the first place.

I’ll also share with you practical myofascial release exercises that work and that release tight spots, trigger points and make you feel free open in your body.

Element Yoga Nidra

Feeling stressed, exhausted and/or overwhelmed? Need a mindful break or a serious recharge? Yoga Nidra can help!

This course will introduce you to the most restful meditation ever and bring back that rested, relaxed glow and a whole lot of calm energy.

As a special bonus, you’ll also get access to 5 elemental yoga classes to get your body moving before you meditate (you’ll benefit even more from meditation that way – you’re welcome:)

Clear and Calm You

This 21-day meditation course is for you if you always wanted to learn to meditate, but never knew where to start. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through 21 days of meditation, starting with simple breath-based meditation practices that only take 5 minutes a day and building towards (still simple) 25-minute Yoga Nidra sessions. Not only will you build a habit of daily meditation, you’ll fall in love with your practice.

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