Ever wondered what props you need in order to release the tight muscles and connective tissue in your body? I’ve got you covered.

If you like me and many others feel stuck/stiff/tight in your body, there’s one thing that can help before you book your physio appointment.

That thing is called Self Myofascial Release. It’s easy to learn to do it with a bit of guidance, and you just need yourself and a few simple props to get started.

The reasons to consider self myofascial release are so many, but let me start with these 5 winners:

  • better posture (and reversing bad posture consequences like that unsexy rounded upper back, tech neck, “Mum Posture”)

  • reduced chronic pain in the muscles and connective tissue (yes, your fascia can actually feel pain)

  • better range of motion and improved flexibility (meaning you’ll enjoy your yoga practice and your workouts more)

  • improved post-workout, post-injury and post-surgery recovery (what we’re about to do actually helps with the lactic acid metabolism and scar tissue)

  • simply less tension in your body – and that’s always a good thing, right?


I’ll get to HOW to use these props in the end of this post, but to start, let’s meet them.


This ball can be made of medical or food grade silicon or natural cork. Make sure you don’t purchase the plastic versions or synthetic resin ones – they may contain toxic substances and may smell so bad that you have to air your house after you practice!

Medical or food grade silicon or cork ones should have no smell at all, be pleasant to the touch, easy to clean and really enjoyable to use. Together with my team, we’ve developed these beauties for you. You can order them here.

What are they useful for?

These balls are excellent for targeting sore muscles and connective tissue of the arms, legs, feet, hips and shoulders. The single balls are generally a very good fit for specific trigger points in the body as well as working with smaller areas (think feet, upper arms, calves).

You can use this ball to apply gradual pressure on tight muscles to enhance circulation, stretch and alleviate pain.

I love using them on a regular basis for both warm-up and post yoga/workout recovery.


Similarly to the single balls, these ones should ideally be made of medical or food grade non-toxic and odour-free silicone. That way you won’t be ingesting any harmful chemicals during your practice, plus, this material is soooo nice to the touch – not too soft and not too hard. Lastly, cleaning them is a breeze. Head over here to order.

What are they useful for?

The double myofascial release ball is really amazing for releasing the tight muscles and fascia along the spine – from the top of the neck (occipital ridge – this one has been linked to chronic migraines by the way) to middle back that we tend to round (thoracic spine), to fascia between middle and lower back (thoracolumbar fascia) and all the way down to the sacrum area and the buttocks.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth the investment, here are just some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Pain reduction

  • Feeling of ease in motion

  • Increased/improved range of motion

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Better hydration of fascia


I love using them on a regular basis for back massage. You can learn to do it too – and even become better than your massage therapist by being able to adjust the placement of pressure and intensity to your needs. More ideas in the end of this post.


Roller is awesome for covering larger areas of the body after a workout. I use the roller for releasing tight fascia and muscles on my thighs (front/quads and back/hamstrings). Roller is also great for tight calves (if you love running or biking, it’s definitely something for you) and glutes (irreplaceable for you if you’re into squats or twerking).


…then, of course, I say let’s put what you’ve learned into action and learn to use these cool props! I’ve created a free mini course that will introduce you to the basics of self myofascial release, and you can start right away – click on the button below and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the most smooth, tension-free, flexible and irresistible version of yourself.