Start teaching Yoga Nidra with confidence and skill in 4 weeks

“THANK YOU for helping me overcome stress, anxiety and sleep issues. Your yoga nidra classes changed my life!"

Do you want to hear THIS from your yoga students?

Does this sound like you?

(oh, if it does, you’re NOT alone)

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I want to help my yoga students let go of stress, anxiety and exhaustion (regardless of their physical ability or age)

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I feel I lack the tools, techniques, confidence and real life experience to teach meditation - it was never taught during my YTT

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I’m passionate about teaching yoga but running out of steam. I feel like a zombie after teaching a bunch of asana classes all around the city, and my body is constantly exhausted and sore from endless asana demos. I want to learn to teach a technique of restful meditation that can both help my students de-stress and give my body a much needed break!​

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I tried teaching yoga nidra but I’m missing the fundamentals - f. ex, I don’t even know how to create the script, find my own voice and sound natural

Did you know that yoga nidra

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Literally means “yoga sleep” and feels like the most satisfying nap of your life!

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Is super easy to practice and suitable for all ages, bodies and levels of experience

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On that nap note, yoga nidra has been scientifically proven to restore your nervous system like 3-4 hours of healthy sleep*

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Helps you and your students to de-stress, ease anxiety, lower cortisol levels and shift from "fight-or-flight" mode into a calm “rest-and-digest”

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Strengthens immunity and enhances recovery from illnesses and burnout

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Minimizes muscular and emotional tension, restores energy and balances the production of hormones and neurotransmitters including serotonin and melatonin

Would you like to teach yoga nidra and share these benefits with your students?

You’ve come to the right place.

Hi! I’m Elena

I’m an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, teachers’ educator and psychologist.

My yoga journey spans over 2 decades, and I’ve been educating teachers since 2012.  

I’ve got over 9000 yoga and meditation teaching hours under my belt and at this point in my career I dedicate my time to training teachers, writing for wellness publications and working 1-2-1 with anxiety, burnout and stress disorder patients at a rehabilitation clinic.


Psychology is my background, so the training is comprehensive and well-informed both from the perspective of yoga tradition and modern science

I'm recognised as an expert in the field, currently working for meditation apps and contributing as a writer for yoga- and wellness magazines and blogs on the topic. Yoga nidra recordings I've created have been listened to online over 2.5 million times. Based on my experience I can teach you how to create brilliant recordings and find your online audience

I’ve been educating yoga nidra teachers in person since 2012, and have been refining the programme and delivery over the years. This means that you'll be signing up for a training that is tried and tested, and proven effective for hundreds of teachers.

Elena's Clients

Yoga Experts Say

"LOVED your nidra... gave me the courage to do my own... so grateful!"
Elena Brower
world-renowned yoga teacher and luminary, US
"Beautiful and simple practice! Being a yoga teacher myself I so appreciate a quality Yoga Nidra session for relaxation, reducing stress and coming back into my body, into a place of true peace, contentment and ease within myself. Elena delivers an eloquent, beautiful and simple practice. Her practice allows me to easily drift out of my busy mind and drop into a place of bliss. Thank you so much Elena"
Naomi Nahoum
author and yoga nidra expert, Australia
"The Voice of Peace ***** (5 stars) Elena's voice is incredible, there's a strong presence in it but also a softness and tenderness that invites deep relaxation and contemplation. A regular practice with her invokes more peace and clarity on and off the cushion. I'm grateful to have found her work!"
Gina Caputo
senior Yoga teacher and educator, US

Elena's work has been featured in

What’s inside

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Video lectures

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Audio materials

Asset 15

Theory + hands-on assignments

Asset 18

Yoga nidra scripts

Asset 16

Quizzes to test your knowledge

Asset 17

2 Live Q+A sessions with Elena

Asset 12

Bonus resources

Asset 17

Partner assignments to gain confidence and experience


Training content is mobile and tablet friendly

ow pace

Complete at your own pace

come back

Access the training for 3-12 months

Words cannot describe how deeply grateful I am for the opportunity to have been part of such a journey and transformation that this course provided for me.

I have been teaching yoga and pilates for 20 years. Through out that time I have come to see the most important component towards overall health and wellness for myself as a therapist as well as my students is the ability to connect to our own inner source.

This is the foundation for all healing, and it became more accessible to me through the teachings and guidance that Elena provided in her program.

From the moment that I signed up, Elena’s presence and support was gracious and warm, acknowledging all of our concerns and questions with such clarity and authenticity.

The information contained in her program is something that moved me profoundly and allowed to me to deep dive into the areas of my life with the tools I needed to heal and grow.

I am humbled and eternally indebted for the experience I had and I would recommend this program for anyone that is wanting to deepen any existing practice they have or wanting to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of Yoga Nidra. 

- Amanda Mae Kramer, yoga and meditation expert, US

Why Yoga Nidra?

The world is becoming an increasingly fast-paced and stressful place. According to American Institute of Stress, 80% of US population feel stress at work and say they need help with managing stress.

Another big issue is sleep. There’s a growing need for methods of stress relief that can help us replenish our energy and support healthy sleep.

Throughout decades, yoga nidra studies have been consistently showing significant effects on stress reduction. Yoga Nidra improves sleep and helps practitioners cope with anxiety and burnout.

This also leads to a growing demand for qualified and well informed yoga nidra teachers.

As a meditation teacher, you can help your students get amazing results and support mental health. With yoga nidra they can attain a stress-free, relaxed state, a sense of calm and clarity as well as better sleep.

Learn to teach yoga nidra, and you’ll be able to make a bigger difference for your students, without driving yourself to exhaustion with endless asana sessions and demos.

With this programme, not only will you help your students discover the deepest form of rest, but also create your own personal practice. When you do, you’ll be amazed by how often your students ask you: “How do you manage to be so rested, relaxed and glowing? Seriously, you’re a living proof that yoga nidra works!”.

Why I created this training

After over 10 years of teaching yoga nidra meditation, I'm deeply touched that this skill has helped me positively impact more than 2.5 million people across 5 continents.

I'd love for you to experience this sense of purpose and fulfilment as a teacher, too.

Yoga nidra is a powerful technique for restoring physical, mental and emotional health.

And YES, you can teach it like a pro.

Learn a new skill that will give you a sense of fulfilment as you help your students overcome personal challenges.

In just 4 weeks you’ll be ready to teach it from an informed place and with complete confidence.

Joining Elena’s yoga nidra teacher training has been an amazing journey for me.

She has a unique and very rare way of teaching yoga nidra. Her voice and the details in the guidance is wonderful.

As a yoga teacher I knew that I had to join the yoga nidra teacher training. In-depth background theory, effects of yoga nidra, the guided yoga nidra steps, scrips and practical teachings were all covered.

Elena’s knowledge is detailed, documented and thorough. And her teacher teachings skills are captivating.

After the course I now know how to teach yoga nidra in different ways. I know about the hormones and the effect on the body and brain and I know about the benefits of yoga nidra.

If you are a fan of yoga nidra do not hesitate to join Elena’s course.

- Annette Larsen, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. Copenhagen, Denmark

This could be you:

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It’s such a relief to teach classes that aren’t just about asana! I can’t believe teaching can be both easy and so transformative for the students

Asset 1

After teaching yoga nidra I feel like I’ve just meditated for an hour myself. Love my job!

Asset 1

My yoga students are rested, glowing and grateful for yoga nidra. And so am I!

Asset 1

I finally took a leap out of the hectic 9 to 5 job and now make a living as a meditation teacher

Asset 1

I never felt as fulfilled as I do now: helping students experience the deepest form of rest (and enjoying better health and more energy myself!)

Asset 1

My yoga students are thanking me for helping them (and even their husbands, kids and pets to whom they play my recordings lol!) deeply rest and de-stress

Still not convinced? Here are more scientifically proven effects of yoga nidra


Reduces stress, anxiety and depression (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


Improves sleep and helps with chronic insomnia. (6, 7)


Helps to regulate blood sugar (8)


Fights PTSD (9)


Has a pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effect.(10)


Alleviates menstrual disorders and related psychological imbalances. (11, 12, 13)


Improves various dimensions of well-being including feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, being more inspired and alert, active, having clarity of thought, control over anger, and self-confidence. (14, 15)


Reduces blood pressure. (16)

Imagine your students telling you THIS after the practice:

“I feel like I just
had the best nap of my life!”

– Alexa

“I’m coming back for more”

– Thomas

“I feel 10 years younger”

– Tara

“It’s like floating on a cloud! 

– Hannah

“I’ve only been meditating for 40 minutes? I feel so refreshed like I just slept for a month”

– Andres

“All my tiredness and edginess are gone without a trace”

– Sophia

Teach Yoga Nidra

Teach Yoga Nidra is an online training that offers you everything you need to start teaching with confidence and skill

By the end of the program, you’ll be able to...

Teach a yoga nidra class

After completing this programme  you’ll be equipped with knowledge, technique and invaluable practical skills to start teaching in just 4 weeks 

Use your voice like a pro

You’ll learn to use your voice in a way that is natural, soothing, relaxing, easy to follow and listen to

Create your own scripts

You’ll learn to intelligently create your own scripts that you can adapt to the needs of your clients 

Create your own yoga nidra recordings

You’ll learn create recordings of your yoga nidra to support your students when THEY need it most. Teaching online might even become your favourite way to teach!

Understand how yoga nidra works

You’ll discover the mechanism of yoga nidra: we’ll cover brain waves and biochemicals in an easy-to-understand way 

Build a solid meditation self-practice

During this training you’ll receive ample guidance and resources to create your own daily yoga nidra meditation practice to boost your well-being 

Why this training?

Asset 1

it's research-based

Asset 1

NOT tied to one lineage

Asset 1

brilliant feedback of graduates

Asset 1

rich with examples

Asset 1

it's practical, easy-to-understand and implement

Asset 1

a unique training that introduces Element Yoga Nidra

The Yoga Nidra course with Elena has given me a very useful tool. 

As a body therapist and yoga teacher, it has given me the opportunity to consciously work with the body’s own restorative resources.

With clients in my clinic and when I guide my students in my classes through yoga nidra meditation, I experience people as more ‘whole’ instead of fragmented, having clarity of mind and experiencing better night’s sleep.

The Yoga Nidra meditation helps to draw the presence into oneself both on a physical level as well as a deeper unconscious mental level.

- Karina Højgaard, Body Therapist and Yoga Teacher. Copenhagen, Denmark

Teach Yoga Nidra Curriculum

Teach Yoga Nidra consists of 5 modules that are the foundation of your skill and knowledge for teaching this practice. Each component of the programme is created to give you all you need to start teaching as soon as possible and guide your students through yoga nidra with skill, competence and confidence

Module 1

What yoga nidra is, where it comes from and how it benefits human body and mind

Yoga nidra fundamentals 

Asset 1

How to create your personal practice

Asset 1

What yoga nidra is (and what it isn’t)

Asset 1

How yoga nidra came to exist

Asset 1

8 research proven benefits of yoga nidra

Asset 1

What brain waves are, how they work why it’s important

Module 2

The mechanism of yoga nidra from the perspective of yoga tradition, classic psychology and modern science

All you need to know to understand how the practice works on human brain and body

Asset 1

What is the energetic anatomy of the body, including the concept of samskaras, karma, prana, nadis and chakras

Asset 1

4 states of consciousness (and where yoga nidra can take you)

Asset 1

How yoga nidra helps to change our behaviour patterns and habits

Asset 1

The ways that yoga nidra can move us closer to our biggest dreams, one practice at a time

Asset 1

What are 5 koshas or layers of self and how yoga nidra helps us align and balance them

Asset 1

How neuroscience concepts correlate with the yogic idea of samskara

Module 3

Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Nidra

You’ll learn about the nervous system, sleep and insomnia as well as a variety of physical, psychological and psychosomatic conditions that yoga nidra is beneficial for

Asset 1

The structure of the nervous system. We'll zoom in on the sympathetic and parasympathetic activation mechanisms

Asset 1

How and why we get stressed, and how the mechanism of stress works in the brain and nervous system

Asset 1

What hormones and neurotransmitters regulate stress and how to balance them with yoga nidra

Asset 1

What psychological and psychosomatic conditions yoga nidra has been effective for

Asset 1

How to use yoga nidra if you're working with students with trauma and PTSD

Asset 1

How yoga nidra can help with sleep and insomnia, and when to use it for best results

Module 4

Script Study

Discover the components of the practice and the script

Asset 1

What the components of the classic yoga nidra practice are + how to use a script formula

Asset 1

To analyze the scripts and get ultimate clarity about the structure

Asset 1

How to create themes and integrate them into scripts

Asset 1

Yoga nidra way of performing a body scan

Asset 1

True meaning of Nyasa, or how yoga nidra relaxes the brain by relaxing the body

Asset 1

How to bring students' focus inward (pratyahara)

Asset 1

The secrets of sankalpa

Asset 1

How to create your own script with skill and ease (and without overwhelm)

Asset 1

Tools that will help you memorize the script and leave the paper cheat sheets at home

Module 5

Let’s teach!

All the practical insights  you need to start teaching

Asset 1

How to prepare your students for the practice

Asset 1

Yoga poses to practice before yoga nidra to keep your students comfortable and reduce fidgeting

Asset 1

The top 5 pranayama techniques to get the body and mind ready for yoga nidra

Asset 1

The secrets of setting the space just right

Asset 1

What to do and how to troubleshoot in challenging teaching situations

Asset 1

How to use props (and how to teach pregnant women, people with bad backs etc)

Asset 1

How to use your voice so that it’s extremely calming and grounding

Asset 1

A practice of progressive full-body relaxation to prepare even a restless student for a practice in stillness

I have practiced Yoga Nidra for several years now and it has helped me to relax more and more, especially since I have a thyroid problem. 

Avoiding being stressed is very important to me.  The Yoga Nidra online course helped me very much with this.

I also wanted to learn how to teach Yoga Nidra myself and therefore I needed to dive into it a bit more.

I’m very happy with your online course that gave me lots of tools and insights so I got the chance to learn more about the background and research.

It was very convenient that I could study at my own pace and time, I really appreciated the professionalism of the course and the personal lessons Elena gave us during the group calls.

- Iris, Yoga Teacher, Netherlands

Enroll Now and You’ll Also Get These



A down-to-the-point guide to creating yoga nidra recordings

What you REALLY need to know – and no, you won’t have to become a sound engineer to create crispy and clear sounding yoga nidra recordings. This bonus will help you save lots of time as you can avoid common pitfalls and start recording your yoga nidra meditation with a simple setup

(Value 199eur) included in Teach Yoga Nidra


Resources to help you create your personal practice

This bonus will support your health and well-being, bring back the glow and make you the best role model for your students. You’ll get access to a collection of yoga nidra practices as well as video guidance and practice journal template 

(Value 149eur) included in Teach Yoga Nidra


5 script templates to get your script-making juices flowing

Take the pressure off yourself and start with these 5 brilliant yoga nidra script templates. They will help you get started and support you as you learn to create your own scripts

(Value 199eur) included in Teach Yoga Nidra


The business of yoga nidra - this bonus is a part of Mentorship programme

This bonus training will help you get clear about your goals as a yoga nidra teacher and create a road map of how to get there 

(Value 389eur) included in Teach Yoga Nidra Mentorship Programme


Resources to continue evolving as a teacher

In the end of the training you’ll receive a list of resources that will keep you growing as a teacher and exploring new dimensions of this life-changing practice

(value 79eur)  included in Teach Yoga Nidra


The ultimate pre-class checklist

This checklist will help you remember all the important things and ensure a great experience for your students

(value 79eur) included in Teach Yoga Nidra

I wanted to thank you once again from all my heart for the teacher training. It was really the highlight of my year. I really loved the way you brought together the scientific findings about yoga nidra and the spiritual, the yogic part that is based on yoga philosophy. 

Before I took the training I was a bit sceptical whether it would work for me in it’s online form, but it perfectly did. The live Q+A calls were really helpful. You really took your time to explain things, to answer our questions.

I feel perfectly ready and prepared to actually go out there and do it which is also not usual with every teacher training.

I really feel you gave us the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to really take what we’ve learned and to hand it on to the people that come to us and want to experience yoga nidra. 

So thank you once again for your passion, for your love and all the experience and knowledge that you’ve shared with us!

-Klaudia Krauss, yoga and meditation teacher, Germany

What Elena’s students are saying

Your Investment

Choose Teach Yoga Nidra option that is right for you

Option 1

Just the training (no certification)

Great choice if you want to learn about yoga nidra, but you don’t need certification or Yoga Alliance credits (more info below)

Access to the training for 3 months


Option 2

Training + certification

Get priceless real life experience and feedback from your training partner, receive Elena’s input on your assignments and become a certified teacher

Access to training for 6 months


Option 3

Training + Certification + Mentorship

All the benefits of Option 2 + mentorship programme with Elena (more info below)

Access to the training for 12 months


Save your spot now to get immediate access to the training and be a part of this group!

What’s included

The easiest way to start: this training is self paced, meaning you don’t have a deadline for completing anything

All assignments and tests are optional and are designed for you to test your knowledge. Elena will not be correcting your answers or offering feedback on your recordings

No certificates or Yoga Alliance credits upon completion

What’s included

Takes 4 weeks to complete, plus 2 weeks to complete and submit your final assignments

Includes tests, quizzes, special assignments, partner work and additional practical trainings to prepare you for a real-life teaching situation

Yoga Alliance credits and certificate of completion for all who complete the training on time and pass the tests

What’s included

Everything in Option 2

A mentorship program with Elena upon completion of the training

The Business of Teaching Yoga Nidra training

Your key assignments will be reviewed by Elena personally. You will get feedback about your work and grow into the best version of a yoga nidra teacher you can be

Teach Yoga Nidra comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This training will help you create a solid understanding of yoga nidra  and get the tools you need to start teaching in just 4 weeks. I also expect you to put effort into mastering the skills I’m here to teach you. This is why in order to receive your 100% refund, you will be asked to submit the completed coursework for the first 7 days of the programme.

If you do all the coursework and meditations, and still feel that I have not delivered on my promise, please submit your fully completed coursework for the first 7 days within 7 days of purchase and I will promptly refund your payment. If the completed coursework is not received within the 7-day period, no refunds will be issued.

Please note that the satisfaction guarantee is applicable to the content of this training. This means that if you no longer have internet access or your work schedule changes and you decide to cancel your participation for reasons other than not being satisfied with the content of the training, no refunds will be issued.

I have been practicing Yoga for 7 years on a regular basis. In studios, at home, I even went through 2 Teacher Trainings in order to get deeper into this world that interests and fascinates me!

Since 2019 I am a mom of three lovely little boys, triplets! My life changed radically from that point on, and at many points I found myself overwhelmed: fear, anxiety and doubts kept me awake at night although I was exhausted. I also suffered from mental fog and was in a constant “fight or flight” mode.

When I read the email from Elena about the 7 days Yoga Nidra Challenge, I was straight away interested since I already had very nice Yoga Nidra sessions. During those 7 Days, I felt the relief straight away: how come only 20 Minutes if “lying down” can make me feel so much better? I felt the instant ease of my worries, anxiety and fears. I could see clearly without any mental fog, and my afternoons (as I practiced Yoga Nidra during the midday nap of my boys) were much more energetic with a bright, optimistic and joyful mood.

That’s why I decided to trust Elena and join her on the Journey of getting to know Yoga Nidra in depth.

Since the courses are recorded and launched on a daily basis, I could choose to learn at my own pace without being overwhelmed by the amount of recordings. Still I was disciplined enough to commit to those 45-60 min of learning a day, so I was finished after 3 weeks. I also loved the group calls with Elena and the other students that made the community alive and answered all of my questions.

Not only have I learned so much about Yoga Nidra and how to teach it, I have myself taken the benefits of daily Yoga Nidra sessions into my life as a student.

I guess I am not the only one benefitting from this clarity, bright mood and happiness: my boys and my partner can feel it too 🙂

- Celine, Yoga Teacher, France/Germany


Registration for Teach Yoga Nidra is open and you will get immediate access to the training upon registration. The next series of live Q+A sessions starts in June 2024.

Non-certification programme:

10 hours weekly + 1,5-2,5 hours per live call. A total of ca. 45 hours.

Certification programme:

Same as non-certification + 15 hours for your certification assignment after completing the training. A total of 60 hours.

Certification + Mentorship:

Same as certification programme + 15 hours for mentorship. A total of 75 hours.

If you would love to take this training but cannot afford it at the moment, there are a few partial scholarships available.

To apply, post a video of yourself on Instagram or Facebook and share how this training would empower you as a teacher and what you’d like to focus on in your work with the knowledge and skills you receive in the training. Tag @sparkling_yoga so I can see the post!

The video and audio lectures are not downloadable, however you will be able to download your supporting materials and assignments in PDF format and work with them offline.

The course is released day by day, and there is a reason behind it. It’s important that you don’t get overwhelmed with the content of the entire course, but take it step-by-step, and have the time to integrate it. According to studies, for optimal retention of knowledge and skill, the human brain needs a full night of sleep to integrate the content from the day before prior to being exposed to the new portion of information. So take it easy, and work through the programme one day at a time. 

After the course is fully unlocked, you can do the training again at your own pace. You have access to the materials for 3 months (non-certification programme) or 6 months (certification and certification + mentorship programmes).

If you are signing up for a non-certification programme, then NO.

If you are signing up for a certification programme OR certification + mentorship, the answer is YES – provided you have successfully completed all the assignments and turned them in on time, you will receive an electronic certificate of completion. 

If you are able to find 1.5 hours of undisturbed time daily, the training will be transformative. If it doesn’t work out, you can take the programme again when it suits you best as you will keep the access after the programme is finished for 6 months.

If you enrol into a certification programme and don’t complete the assignments on time, you’ll get a chance to complete it next time the programme is offered.

The training is designed primarily for yoga- and meditation teachers, health coaches, therapists, teachers, social workers and other well-being professionals. It can however be taken by anyone wanting to start teaching this technique or interested in learning about yoga nidra in depth for their own benefit or for the benefit of their family.

・A yoga teacher who would like to learn to guide your students into the deepest tranquility and rest

A meditation teacher wanting to expand your knowledge and offer a new style of meditation

A therapist interested in adding a very effective method of relaxation to their portfolio

A parent who would like to help raise mindful, grounded and calm kids (and as an added bonus, help them fall asleep fast)

・A software developer/helicopter pilot/arctic guide/you name it wanting to teach meditation.

A part of this course is all about cultivating self-practice which makes this programme a great choice if you are ready to

  • Be the best example of what you teach
  • Reverse the effects of stress, anxiety, burnout and overwhelm, and learn to deal with them better
  • Take action to make meditation your daily practice
  • Improve your physical and mental health 
  • Master your thoughts and your mind
  • Be in charge of how you feel
  • Improve your sleep
  • Invest into your long term mental health

  • Don’t have internet access to follow the training
  • Don’t have the time for the training 
  • Are not ready to put the effort and energy into doing the work involved
  • Expect overnight results and don’t have the patience to follow through one day at a time, as the step-by-step guidance unfolds
  • Don’t have the possibility to be in an uninterrupted environment to participate in the training and assignments

This is what makes this training stand out from similar looking trainings:


  • research-based
  • easy-to-understand and implement
  • rich with examples
  • offers Yoga Alliance credits upon successful completion
  • will offer not only knowledge but also practical tools to start teaching in just 4 weeks

In the certification programme,  you’ll also receive personal feedback from Elena. This means that this training is not just a bunch of excellent videos, audios and supplementary materials, but I’ll actually help YOU become the best you can be at teaching yoga nidra, grow in your teaching skills and gain confidence you need to go out into the world and teach. This is completely unique and there are no other trainings at the time I’m writing this that offer personal feedback from the senior teacher who created the course.

This course is created and led by me, Elena Mironov. I’m a psychologist and an experienced meditation teacher with over 16 years of teaching experience, including multiple meditation teacher trainings that I’ve led globally, both in advanced yoga skills and in yoga nidra. This means that you will be presented with a comprehensive training programme that is structured with a deep understanding of a human mind and brain AND equipped with practical hands-on skills to actually teach this method.

Yes, please contact

Get started now

Choose Teach Yoga Nidra option that is right for you

Option 1

Just the training (no certification)

Great choice if you want to learn about yoga nidra, but you don’t need certification or Yoga Alliance credits 

Access to training for 3 months


Option 2

Training + certification

Get priceless real life experience and feedback from your training partner, receive Elena’s input on your assignments and become a certified teacher

Access to training for 6 months



Option 3

Training + Certification + Mentorship

All the benefits of Option 2 + mentorship programme with Elena

Access to training for 12 months 


 Save your spot now to get immediate access to the training and be a part of this group!

Your Investment

Choose Teach Yoga Nidra option that is right for you

Option 1
Just the training (no certification)

Great choice if you want to learn about yoga nidra, but you don’t need certification or Yoga Alliance credits 

Access to training for 3 months


Option 2
Training + certification

Great choice if you want to become a certified teacher and get Elena’s input on your assignments

Access to training for 6 months


Option 3
Training + Certification + Mentorship

Great choice for a powerful start of your career as a yoga nidra teacher.

Access to training for 12 months


Save your spot now to get immediate access to the training!